Location Type:  Single Location

State Incorporated: Pennsylvania

SIC Code:  3469, Metal Stampings

NAICS Code: 332116, Government Industry Code for Metal Stamping.
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  1817 Second Street Trevose, PA. 19053-3345 • 215-942-9112 • FAX: 215-942-9514

          Founded in 1984, Generation Metal Stamping & Machining Inc. has been a pioneer in advanced methods of tooling for manufacturing. Our 17,000 square foot facility specializes in Hard Tool Stampings, Dies, Fixtures, Gauges, Jigs, Tools & Mold Building.

         We present our best in tooling, machining, and contract metal stampings. We’ve established a reputation for prompt deliveries, and dependable service to our Customers by monitoring the quality of our tools and stampings. We are equipped to run small or large production parts in our press shop, where full attention is paid to all details and tolerances. We are also able to assist  you in the planning of your tools, or in any stamping project you encounter. Our principals have over 40 years in the trade. Our prices are competitive, and we adhere to the old adage of Customer Satisfaction.

     Our extensive experience in precision stampings has kept us ahead of the competition in the market place, and that translates into savings for your bottom line.

● In-House Manufacturing
● Spot Welding
● Blanking
● Heat Treat & Plating
● Maximum Blanking Pressure
● Dock to Stock Capability
● Auto-Cad 2000
● J.I.T. Warehousing
● Quality Calibration Equipment
● Traceable to NIST Operations
● Piercing
● Forming
● Drawing
● Extruding
● Tapping
● Grinding
● Painting
● Anodizing
● Heat Treating
● Tumbling
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